Nano Group at the University of Leicester



Short summaries of research projects are contained here, further information can be found by following the links below.


Laser spectroscopy of doped helium nanodroplets

Here we are exploring a range of species inside helium nanodroplets using optical spectroscopy. Projects underway include studies of solute-solvent complexes and reaction intermediates. For further details click here.



Growing nanoparticles in helium droplets: a route to new nanoscience and nanotechnology

It is possible to grow nanoparticles inside large helium droplets, which can subsequently be removed from the helium by soft-landing onto a solid substrate. There are many exciting possibilities here and further information can be found by clicking here.



Mass spectrometry of atoms, molecules and clusters in helium nanodroplets

The behaviour of neutral and ionic species in helium droplets can be probed using mass spectrometry. We have embarked on a number of distinct investigations in this area and more information can be found by clicking here.



Ultra-fast motion of molecules in quantum fluids

Molecules provide a means for probing the surrounding environment in a quantum fluid, such as liquid helium. This project is concerned with probing molecules in very small helium clusters using femtosecond pump-probe experiments to learn about the molecule-fluid interactions. For more information click here.



Laser spectroscopy of clusters and complexes in supersonic molecular beams

The interaction of solutes with solvents can be studied on the small scale using solute-solvent complexes in the gas phase. In these experiments we entrain the solute and solvent in a supersonic gas expansion and probe their properties using laser spectroscopy. For more information click here.